3 Great Board Games For Kids

I’ve always been a lover of the board game. These games make you think, and their simple measure of fun is often addicting too. They make for great social games and they’re a ton of fun to play when you have friends over. I can think back to all of the board games I played with friends growing up as a kid, and I know that these are some of the greatest memories of my childhood.Maybe you have similar memories yourself, and it’s important not to lose sight of these if you’re currently raising children. With all of the new technology serving up distractions, sometimes it’s best to go back to the basics and give your kids some games that you know they’ll enjoy. Give them a piece of the simple pleasures that made your childhood so enjoyable. Here are three games you can play with them, or buy for them to play with their friends.3. Scattergories. This game, which requires you to make unique words by category starting with a certain letter, is a great game. Not only does it require quick thinking, but the element of the timer teaches them to do things under pressure.2. Stratego. A great strategy game that requires layers of thinking, this is also incredibly addictive.1. Monopoly. The quintessential board game. I couldn’t imagine a childhood without this game, and I hope that your kids have been exposed to the joys of Monopoly. It simply isn’t the same when played on a computer, so I hope they have the real thing.