Game Basics – How to Play Word Games

Word games are an exciting venue for gamers with potentially endless possibilities when it comes to providing you with an intellectual outlet for having fun. When looking for a fun word-based game that thrives on challenging the creativity of its players, you will find that games such as, Scrabble have come to be known as one of the smartest word type board games available today. By challenging you to think outside the box and form words using only a small selection of randomly chosen letters, this intellectual board game presents a cranial challenge that few other games can provide. Word games are one of the best ways that you can both have fun and still exercise your brain. These types of games are very easily easy learned but can still provide a challenge for even the most expert players.Many word games such as Scrabble are designed for two to four players seated around a board, that in many cases is designed, with making words as its main objective, Scrabble in particular has a number of blank spaces to hold lettered tiles. Some of the spaces on the board have special colors and markings, which can grant extra points to the player who first lays a tile on one of these spaces. The game begins by each player drawing seven different tiles out of the cloth bag to form their base of letters. With these seven letters, you will form the words, which will score you points on the game board. The player who goes first starts by laying down their first word on the board, using the exact center space of the board, which is generally marked with a star. This player will then score points based on the numerical values on each lettered tile along with any specially colored spaces on the game board, which denote extra points opportunities. At the end of a turn, the player will then pick new tiles out of the bag to return their number of tiles to seven.Play then passes to the next player and you continue this routine, playing tiles and scoring points, with the simple exception that any new tiles placed on the board must be connected to a word already set, branching off one of the letters of that word much like a crossword puzzle. The game play will continue in this way, placing tiles and replacing letter tiles, until the cloth bag is empty. At this point, all players are stuck with the tiles left in their hand and the game continues until one player has successfully used all of the tiles in their hand.At this point, the game is considered over and you will tally up all of the points in each player’s hand. Any tiles left in the hand of any players will be subtracted from their final score and added to the score of the player to first use all of their tiles. Once you calculate the final scores of all players, the winner is declared. As is demonstrated, the winner is not the first person to simply use all of their tiles, although this can provide a great advantage. The player who chose the best tiles and who figured out the best way to use them on the board is the one who wins, giving you the chance to determine your own fate in this exciting game.The public knows Scrabble as one of the most intellectual but still fun games available today. If you were looking for a stimulating challenge that doesn’t take too much effort to learn, Scrabble would be a great place to begin. Good for children and adults alike, Scrabble can give you the mental boost that you are looking for. Another great word game played in the same vein is Upwords, where you will find that it also uses tiles that you must make words, with a few differences. Both bring you all the mind boggling excitement that you can only get from word games.